Friday, November 6, 2009

Reviewed by an adoptive mother...

On November 4, I had my book, Why Can't You Look Like Me, reviewed by a woman with whom I did not at first get along. After many trial and error emails, we have now become friends!! I have posted the original review above on December tenth.

A few years ago, I tried to start up a support group for children adopted transracially - I introduced myself to families all over and tried to get them to bring their children out to meet me. What I offered to parents, and families, was a place for their kids to come, to meet other kids that looked like them; to meet other families that were the same as theirs; to come together and play, have fun, and maybe, even talk about any issues that might be happening in their lives as adoptees.

This did not go over well at all with the families that I contacted. There was a lot of tension and most people were wary of letting their children become involved with me. This woman, Jen, and I had a head to head because of our own strong, personal convictions when it came to the children. In the end, she and the parents won and I gave up. The group did not go forward.

Flash forward to three and a half years later ---- and I am now running the group I wanted to start, True Colours Mentoring. Through the mother of three transracial adoptees, came forth the connection to the families that I needed. Here was a woman that the people would listen to - someone that they already knew and trusted. I started to attend various activities that the families went to so that the parents could meet me and see who I was.

If it weren't for my strong belief in knowing that I would be a support for these families, I may not have continued with the venture of becoming involved with True Colours. Now that we are into our third year, I am pretty happy with the programs and I wouldn't change it for the world now!! The bonds that I have established with the parents and their children has been excellent!

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