Friday, September 16, 2011

Adoption in the summertime!

Having had the opportunity to travel to the USA this summer was quite an experience.  I spoke with many of the people in the adoption triad and found out a lot of things I have experienced or have worried about or have thought about has also been on the minds of many other adoptees in the world.  I heard some complaints - I heard some praises - I heard about some disappointments - I heard some sadness - I heard some painful memories - I heard some great memories.  What stands out in my mind are the moments shared between so many new people in my life and the bond we seemed to create in those moments knowing we were all in a safe environment without judgement of who we were or what we should be happy for.  It was quite a change from the way things have been in the past for me and for most of the people I have made a strong connection with now.  I am very thankful for the wonderful opportunities I have been able to experience this year and I only look forward to the many more wonderful experiences to come!!

I want to remind all of those people whom I was able to talk with and present to that the children are really the most important member of the triad as they are the ones who are going to have to grow up learning and listening to all of those around them in their world and if we can assist them with the tools to start believing in the person who is inside of them from their young ages up to becoming an adult, then the books I am providing them with need to be in their rooms, in their classrooms, in their libraries, in their faces!  How are we going to make that happen adults if we don't get out there and actually order those books for the children to start!!??

The time is now and the children are growing up everyday - order your copies for a child whom you know and l

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