Thursday, June 3, 2010

What about the money?? How much have you made so far??

I was asked the other day how I can keep doing what I am doing when I am not making any money and I can barely keep my head above water. My response... it's not about me. I am not in this for the money. If I were, I would have had to stop a long time ago because I have not made a cent yet! I've paid out to the ones who needed to be paid yet for me, I use what I have to live life with my kids and have had some wonderful help from a couple of guardian angels who have assisted me with my cross country tour.

Why does everything always have to be about the money? My heart, my soul, my life is all about bringing these positive messages to the children to ensure that they can grow up with the strength within themselves that so many of us adults don't seem to have yet. What took me so many years to find, to deal with the struggle within of so many questions and barriers I couldn't figure out, to not know who I really was and know it was okay to be this person - why would I want the children of today to have to wait until they are grown to try and figure out those same answers when I can assist them with the Believe In Me program and the literature I have written and will continue to write? It really is an area I am not willing to sit back and ponder.

Don't misunderstand me though - I obviously need the funds to pay for whatever comes into my life, whatever things I have to pay for that come up for my kids, and for the little extras that pop out of nowhere and really surprise me - however, those are small things when it comes to my program, Believe In Me, and the promotion of such positive material within the program. Those words, those messages are more important to me than the monetary aspect of what I could attain from it.

Family - Respect - Love - Identity - Loss - Fear - Hope - Faith - Belief - Courage - Strength - Healing - Self Esteem - Self Worth - Self Confidence - these are the reasons why I am involved with this program and with the writing of these books - building up a child's self esteem and self confidence is the most important factor for me!

So here I am, without the aid of a professional literary agent or publisher - continuing to mentor, continuing to promote, and continuing to write the messages that are needed to pass along to the children... I am so thrilled to be a part of a child's journey toward self!

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