Friday, April 30, 2010

Success on tour so far...

In the photo: Cindy Xavier, Executive Director of the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, Ola Zuri, Leona Wasserman, Board of Directors for the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan.

Having been invited to many events across the country has been very uplifting and extremely important at this time. With so many stories in the news about children needing families and families needing children - the opportunity to bring the Believe In Me program to so many people, in all sorts of communities, has been fantastic!!

Saskatoon was great and there were a lot of families, educators, and support workers who came out to hear what I had to offer and were very keen on obtaining the literature to start making a difference in their families, schools and workplaces.

The books are on sale at the McNally Robinson's Saskatoon location.

In case you don't know - the overall purpose of the Believe In Me program is to provide positive literature to encourage and empower all children to believe in who is inside of themselves. Believe In Me will give parents the support they need to raise confidence levels in their children; will provide resources for the educators, support workers, and others in the community while helping children develop as individuals; and will ensure children, in every part of every country, are building a positive self esteem from within.

Books are being displayed and sold at the Saskatoon location of Indigo books

Off to
Oakville for another wonderful presentation and reception by many children, parents, educators, and support workers. The media coverage in each city has been fantastic and being able to open up and discuss the areas of concern with everyone and ensuring they all were learning about what the program is doing, where it is going and the benefits to all, has been so rewarding for me and ultimately, for the children!

In the photo: Pat Convery, Executive Director of the Adoption Coucil of Ontario,Ola Zuri, Susan Crawford of the Halton Multicultural Council.

Why Can’t You Look Like Me and Where Do I Belong, are the first two, of six, titles in the program. These books open children up to having to deal with their feelings when they are unsure of how to feel. They offer a distinctly broader view of dealing with situations any child may experience, on the level of the child, and then emphasizes the role to actively teach, and encourage, the child to believe in what is inside of himself/herself and not on what others may say or want for him/her.

In this photo: Ola Zuri, Angela Kreuger Freelance Writer for I finally met the woman who wrote the beautiful words in my reviews of Why Can't You Look Like Me and Where Do I Belong.

Children, parents, educators, and support workers have all been coming to me and letting me know how important it is that I continue with this program. The need is there - the families are there - and most importantly - the children are there! Who could ask for anything more?

Now that’s what I am after!

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