Friday, January 8, 2010

It's all in how you go forward..

As most of you are all aware, I am new to the publishing industry. I have recently published the first two titles, Why Can't You Look Like Me and Where Do I Belong, in a series of books that I am writing to help develop a positive self esteem and positive self image in children. The topics included in this series are relating to transracial adoption, racism, adoption, fitting in, foster care, questions about family, racial identity, and most of all, self esteem and self confidence.

I have been doing whatever it takes to get the word out about this book series and the positive messages that are being written for the children and, in doing so, this has taken me to many venues for reviews, and promotional help, wherever I can get it.
I have been involved directly with the schools, school boards, libraries, bookstores, adoption support groups and adoption agencies, the children's ministry systems, and a variety of media resources.

Currently, I am living in the wintery weather here in Kelowna, BC. With the upcoming release of my second title, Where Do I Belong, this past December, I sent out a press release to everyone I could think of to aid in the promotion of the book.

One of the newspapers here, The Daily Courier, has an events section (eVent) with a column written by fellow writer, Glenna Turnbull. Ms. Turnbull is a freelance writer who has covered the Okanagan arts and entertainment scene for many years. Her column appears each Wednesday in eVent and I thought, "lots people read this newspaper, here is an excellent opportunity for me to get the exposure that I need for this book release." I sent her the press release and was looking forward to hearing back from her with a positive response. However, what I first heard back from her was that the general attitude towards self published material is very low and is often referred to as "vanity press" because anyone who has a story to tell and the money to do so, can have their books published. In other words, thanks for writing in, good luck, keep trying and see you later. :o(

Now, in most cases, a person would close off the email and say "oh well, move on to the next person," but this was not the case for me! I know why I'm writing these books and it hasn't ever been all about the money for me. If it was, I would have stopped already! I'm in this for the children, first and foremost!! I'm not making any money with this venture. I am, however, getting the books out there now - for the children to see who they are within before growing up and then trying to find out who that person is. So did I write her back?? Yes, I wrote her back and explained to her my reasons for hanging in mid-air, not making a dime and barely being able to pay the bills, but getting my messages of encouragement out there. In the end, after a couple more emails each, I heard back from Ms. Turnbull saying she had re-thought it and would like to include me in her column after all! YES! Now that was what I wanted to hear!

Here is the link below to see what Ms. Turnbull wrote - it isn't long but it was a mention and, sometimes, that's all it takes!!

I am very thankful to Ms. Turnbull for seeing this is my passion and I am doing this for every young person and not for my own personal gain. That's not always the situation when it comes to why people get into the publishing business.

For me, for now, I'm happy to say that I am in it for all the right reasons... the children!!!!! Thank you again Ms. Turnbull for including me in your words!!


  1. We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, I have also raised a multi-racial daughter in NH. So know about rasing a child who looks different than yourself I have started a quilting business to help raise the money to adopt. HTe quilt helps explain where the child was born in comparison to where they live today. Is this something you would be interested in looking into to put a link on your web page? If you are, I would put a link to your web page on mine. You can check out my quilts at


  2. Ola,

    I am in the process of doing the same thing. I am self publishing my memoirs, GROWING UP BLACK IN WHITE, about my experiences as a transracial adoptee. You can check out more info about it at

    We should talk. I would like to post your info on my blog as a resource for the transracial families I know.