Thursday, May 28, 2009

This has been an exciting week for me - I have had the opportunity to be on the Breakfast Television Show in Edmonton to promote the book and it was great! I just finished the spot this morning and was able to get some excellent exposure to the community. Talked a lot about the book, about my own experiences as a child growing up in a transracial family, and about why I am writing the series of books. Having the chance to be here in Edmonton, also gave me the opportunity to visit the public library and speak with the children's book selector about my book. What luck that was!! I look forward to the book becoming a part of the Edmonton Public Library system in the very near future! Keep your fingers crossed:o)

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  1. Hello Ola, I found your blog after reading about you on the anti-racist paren site. I am a fellow Cdn transracial adoptee. Congratulations on your book - I will definitely look for it. It is really great to see a Canadian author writing about transracial adoption. Hope to hear more about you in the future.