Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have had some feedback about the book and I am going to answer her concerns now.

Her concerns were this:  she is sad that the two young children, who without one another, would not have a counterpoint to the teasing and racial slurs - she wants to yell at the parents for making their children live in this kind of isolation - it also makes her very sad that the onus is upon the children to find solutions to their harsh circumstances - yet, she appreciates the way in which the children are given words in which to reject outsiders judgements and believe in themselves as good, despite the feedback

I am writing these books from personal experience as a child growing up in a white family and community.  It is very sad, but also very true, that a lot of children who are adopted transracially are growing up by themselves in a predominantly white community.  I was adopted with my twin sister and, even though we lived together, we were sent to different schools and had to deal with racism on our own.  I find that to be very sad.

In reality though, it really is put upon the children to find solutions to their own situations because their parents, despite great intentions, don't really know how to do it.  The parents are in the majority while the children are in the minority and if their parents are always fixing things for them, how are they going to deal with things when they are young adults and then grown ups?  

The messages that I have in this series of books is very important for these children to start dealing with what has been happening to them, what they have been thinking about and haven't felt they could talk about, or what may soon start happening to them.  The reality again is, unfortunately, that these problems (racism, bullying, name calling, teasing) still exist today and they will still exist tomorrow, so the more literature that children have, the better. 

My stories have very positive intentions and are so important for children to see because I know that when I was growing up, I didn't always talk to my parents about what I was going through because they wouldn't understand, being that they were white.   There is nothing wrong with having mixed families but there is if the parents think that they can be blind to what may be happening within their own children.  

These children need to see the messages in the books and realize that they are just as important as the rest of the children who shun them or tease them or leave them out.  The messages are not just geared to transracially adopted children but also towards children who are just different in any way from the other kids because those children are teased, picked on and shunned as well.  

I believe that anyone who reads my stories will have a better understanding of who they really are and will be able to feel better about talking about what situations may come up or may have already happened.  

I thank all of you for your comments, questions, and concerns and I will answer anything you ask, as best as I can.

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