Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer is around the corner...and I won't go down without a fight!!

After a very hard fall into the spring season with illness and pain in my world, I am happy to say things are slowly starting to turn around.

I have had a lot of stress with being ill and trying to ensure my children are still living in a somewhat normal world - whatever normal is!

My life turned upside down over the past twelve weeks with all of the medical changes I have had to endure.  Starting with the numbing down the left side of my body, followed by the headaches and terrible side effects I have been struggling through.

Memory loss and very poor concentration --  going through many moments in a day where I will ask myself, "What am I doing? What was I doing?"  Twitches in my left arm and fingers.  Tingling in my hands and feet.  The taste of soda pop changed completely where the carbonation was awful to taste - it was like drinking a horrible tasting sugar water.  I have been struggling everyday with a symptom called Aphasia (I can think certain words but I can't speak them very well, stuttering and slurring what I am trying to say) Choosing an alternative word can be so helpful at times however makes things a little more difficult for me as I go through the day.  Sometimes I have these odd moments where it appears I am having some sort of staring spell -- I could not move nor speak yet I was conscious of what was happening around me -- very freaky...

I am glad to see things changing for me in a positive way -- finally have started speech therapy to re-work how I speak and focus on the annunciation of my vocabulary all over again.  This has been a very humbling time for me as I have struggled through a lot of moments and days feeling at a loss most days with not knowing how long this will last, if not forever.

I am starting to work on the next three books in the series, the fourth book is titled When Is It My Turn, because these are very important to me and for the children.  It has been a hard road to travel with everything I have been going through yet for me, it is still all about the children and I will persevere through all of this to ensure the series of books is brought out for the children and families to enjoy and learn from.

As time goes on, I will face these challenges and be stronger for them, I have to be!  I have faced many a fight in my life and the health issues I am facing right now will not be going down without some big time fight coming from me to overcome it all!!  Love to all who continue to follow what I do for the children and know this...I am in this for the long haul, no matter what!!!

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  1. You will conquer this challenge. My prayers are with always. Amre