Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pact Family Camp Experience

Time well spent away in California at the annual Pact Family Camp held at Granlibakken Resort in Tahoe City.  What a beautiful resort and the food was way too good!  Seriously!

So, I started my trip on the morning of July 16 at 04h00 am, flying out of Kelowna and into Vancouver for a connecting flight to California at 08h35.  What should have been a very nice trip, smooth and without hassle ended up being a very long drawn out day hanging around the Vancouver airport waiting to leave.  Two technically challenged airplanes, some very long wait times between finally getting onto one, an airline host who had no idea what was really happening yet kept trying to act like he knew what was happening, a $10 lunch voucher for the very over priced food at an airport, one cancelled flight, a trip through Canadian customs even though I had never even left the country, picked up my bag to get checked in on a new flight to California, a second trip through US customs, and after seven gruelling hours of waiting, finally getting another technically challenged plane with a pilot who decided the passengers who had upgraded their plane to accommodate all of us, had waited long enough and needed to get this flight out of Vancouver even on one engine, arriving in San Francisco with only enough time to switch flights only to be delayed another two hours before leaving to arrive in Reno, where upon arrival in Reno found out there was no luggage for me to pick up because they left it in San Francisco, and finally at 23h30 settling in to a very beautiful room at the Granlibakken Resort for my week of adventure with the Pact group of families!  Phew!!!  What an exhausting first day!


The week was fantastic!  I met a lot of amazing people who were so willing to do whatever they needed to for their children who may have some of the same type of experiences I had growing up and need to have a positive force in their life encouraging them.   I spoke on many occasion to some fabulous children & families about Believe In Me and the literature I have written.  Amazing events, learned lots, met and made many new friends, and taught a lot of people to Believe In Me!!

Believing from within needs to start from childhood -- why wait until adulthood to start the healing process when a child can learn to heal and soothe oneself from the beginning... what we all as adults are doing now, our children can also be doing!  Share the message of what Believe In Me offers to all of your friends, co-workers, and family!!

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