Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ola Zuri - back in action and ready to face the world!!! #BLM!!!

It has been quite some time since I last posted anything here and a lot has happened in the world of me, Ola Zuri!

As previously mentioned a few years ago, I have been dealing with some major health issues. Well, lucky me to have found yet another health issue to change my world. After many, many surgeries over the past four years, I am finally back and grooving and in the creative spirit!

Over this time, I have continued to do my best to get representation by a literary agent or a publishing house, yet, to no avail. 

I will continue to persevere and will keep doing so until someone believes the books I write for all children within the adoption and foster care world deserve a voice, deserve to be heard, and deserve to be empowered from within!

It is now overhaul and revamp time and I am looking at areas to expand and change the entire look and layout of the book series plus I'm looking at a variety of other books and options for me to pursue.

One of those areas is, of course, the Black Lives Matter movement. I have had a lot of experience in this area and it is exciting to see so many people rising up together to have the injustices of a people who were brought to North America to 'work' for the majority against their will. This is a time when people are having their eyes opened to those injustices in which too many black people have lost their lives, whether due to wrongful imprisonment, or peonage through prison labour, or at the hands of the police all because of the fact they were black, something impossible to change.

Here in Kelowna, BC, Canada, there was a BLM movement rally in which I spoke at. Below is the link to my speech, as well as a link to a response letter I wrote regarding a negative article about the rally itself.

The change is now people - we are rising from the deep and we will stand together until the world changes! Back Lives Matter for now, for always, and forever! They always have and now it is time to stand up for them!

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