Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ola Zuri reigns forth after many obstacles placed in her way!!

Wow! It certainly has been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog site. Being ill for the past four and half years definitely has taken a lot out of me for me to not have checked in here for over three years! Migraines causing stroke-like issues, finding out I have a rare bone disorder in my ankle, surgery, osteoarthritis running rampant in my various joints, more surgery, and still having a family of four to raise on my own! Phew!! How do I do it!?! Slowly but surely of course!!

As I said I have been quite ill and have been down and out when it comes to blogging, however, I have always been involved in the children's books I write because those will never tire me!

So, what has kept me busy in the world of the books you may wonder... I have been going to as many places as I can to promote the literature and provide kids with these empowering books! Not as much travel as I would like, however, at least I'm out there promoting!

I'm constantly writing to as many literary agents and publishers because I want the manuscript for When Is It My Turn to finally get the recognition it deserves. I have been in touch with many people within the foster care and adoption world obtaining as many reviews and endorsements for this manuscript in hopes of being able to approach the literary agents and publishers with the commendations I have received. All I need is for one person to see the manuscript and take those powerful and meaningful words to heart and realize this story is a keeper! It is a best seller because it is a story by a former foster child and forever a transracial adoptee writing the thoughts and feelings out for the innumerable amounts of children who are not always able to find the words and courage to speak what they are feeling. I am there to help them find their voice and stand up and see who they are inside, who they have always been, however, have never known how to voice it!

When I first started out on this book venture I had the title of Believe In Me and after some deep thought, I changed the title of my series to To Be Me instead. Why would I change my title!!?? Well, I think when I hear the words To Be Me, there is a reference of being able, being strong, allowing oneself to believe that it's okay "To Be Me." I realized the Believe In Me phrase and thought is strongly demonstrated in the words directed at the reader throughout each book and it wasn't necessary as the title of my cause as well.

I like to have some information to hand out to everyone who comes to any of my presentations and promotional tours. The following is what I generally have available:

Although I have a cover photo for When Is It My Turn displayed on the flyer, as well as any informational material, including my website, I know this will not be the actual cover once the story is picked up by a publishing house. 

My goal for When Is It My Turn is to have someone pick it up for publishing and then hopefully pick up the first three books and re-issue them all as a series of stories for children, pre-teens, and early teens. These books are my passion and I am excited to get them all out and into the hands of the many children, families, schools, support workers, professionals, and everyone who ever felt as though believing in themselves was not something they could do! 

I will continue to persevere and promote these books to everyone and anyone!!! My passion will not be quashed by the thanks anyway letters and thrown to the curb rejections - I know my cause is an important one and nothing will deter me! I love all of the kids and won't let their voices fade away! 

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