Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Great Start To Adoption Awareness Month!!!

After many months of trying, praying, and hoping that I would be able to share the series of books and the Believe In Me program and everything I have to offer within more communities in as many places as I can, I am finally heading to the United States!!!  What an awesome break!!

As part of the National Adoption Awareness Month campaign in November, I have been invited to the Michigan/Ohio area by the Adopt America Network to be a guest speaker / panel member with renowned adoption author, Rhonda Roorda, co-author of In Their Own Voices, (Columbia University Press, 2000) and Kevin Hoffman, author of Growing Up Black In White, ( Vine Appointment Publishing, 2010) on November 6, 2010.  As an author who has messages of empowerment and inspiration to bring to all children, I am so excited to be able to promote and present the books and the program, as well as offer book signings with the families and the many support people in the communities in Michigan and Ohio and all of those who venture out to the event! 

I will introduce anyone who has never read about me, and remind all of those who have, about the program created by me, using books and literature, titled Believe In Me.  The overall purpose of the program is to provide positive literature to encourage and empower all children to believe in themselves with determination and faith while discovering and using perseverance for success and overcoming obstacles in life.  

Why Can’t You Look Like Me (Black Oasis Ent., 2009) and Where Do I Belong (Black Oasis Ent., 2009) are the first two, of six, titles in the program.  The series of books open children up, from a young age and up, to having to deal with their feelings when they are unsure of how to feel.  They offer a distinctly broader view of dealing with situations any child may experience that is on the level of the child.  Next, the books emphasize roles to actively teach and encourage the child to believe in what is inside of himself/herself and not on what others may say or want for him / her.  What Is A Part Of Me, is the next title in the series, looking at a possible Winter 2010/11 release date. 

With the series, the opportunity is there for children to read, explore, and discover who they really are inside and know that it is okay to be that person.  There are interactive questions at the end of each story which will aid families, caregivers, and educators, to discuss any areas of difficulty, or emotion, that may possibly come up as a result of the story.  Questions and discussions that perhaps would have been harder to raise if not for this positive literature.  It can be quite a task for a child to not understand what is going on inside and then not know how to discuss it.  This series of books will help pave the way for so many children, (as well as for the parents) to open up and use the tools that have been inside of themselves all along!!  

Now, who wouldn't want to help promote such a positive thing in their communities???  I am so glad to be a part of the families, support workers, educators, and most definitely, the children's lives, knowing they are learning to empower themselves from within... as they are growing!

I would love to see, meet, and talk with all those who come out to meet myself and the other authors at this fabulous kickoff to November's Adoption Awareness Month activities!!  To register for the event, please follow the link below!  Hope to see you there!!

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